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Complete Solutions for Core Business Challenges & Opportunities

We take a systemic view of every project. We work with the technology pieces, and also with the underlying data and the people that will use it. These fundamentals—technology, data, and people—are all part of the equation for success.

Some consulting firms focus on just one of these fundamental areas, or look at them as separate silos. This approach puts the burden back on the client to bring things together in the end. NCG is different. We make sure that all areas with their interrelationships are covered and provide a complete solution.

Specific expertise, resources and tools leveraged across NCG’s Service Areas to meet each Client’s unique needs:

CMMC Approach
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Services

Preparation and Implementation Services

CMMC is a new Department of Defense (DoD) process that ensures all suppliers in the Defense Industrial Base have a base level of cybersecurity capabilities. DoD is planning to include CMMC requirements in RFPs starting in late 2020.

Program Development Approach
Program Development

Program development services to drive and execute initiatives

Organizational program development starts with designing a framework that fits the company’s current structures and composition, its industry, and the particular markets served.

CMMC Approach
Incident Management

Minimize the effort and cost of dealing with incidents

The middle of an incident is not what you want your people figuring out what to do and how to do it. Establishing processes and tools can help organizations reduce recovery time and mitigate incidents altogether.

CMMC Approach
Project Management & Implementation

Getting projects done and successfully implemented

Agile methods help move efforts along and address situations where the final target is not completely defined from the start. Efforts need to be guided by balanced consideration of costs, timeframes and quality to get the desired results.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Approach
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Keeping organizations operational through change

BCP/DR frameworks need to be crafted from the specific needs of the organization to continue its support and delivery to customers in the face of a range of negative factors and time frames.

CMMC Approach
Analytics & Data Management

Structures and frameworks for control and currency

Analytics and data management require structures and frameworks for control and currency, but they also need creativity and an understanding of the business to maximize value.

CMMC Approach
Compliance & Risk Assessments

Compliance and conformance with industry standards

Companies in highly regulated industries need to ensure compliance with regulations and conformance with applicable industry standards. These capabilities should be engineered to both fit the organization and adapt as it moves forward.

CMMC Approach
Vendor Management

Controls, terms, and conditions for third parties

Vendor management starts with initial vetting and negotiations but must continue across all facets of the vendor relations, including oversight and governance of the vendor’s activities outside of their direct interaction with your organization.

CMMC Approach
Vulnerability Scanning & PenTesting

Needs Content

NCG helps organizations get their arms around what is really required and what is not. We build sustainable programs and frameworks that set your team for success.

CMMC Approach
Corporate Culture Development

Defining, managing, and fostering corporate culture

A positive corporate culture drives the day-to-day effectiveness and efficiency of efforts and helps increase the likelihood of the organization to handle unexpected events or incidents.

CMMC Approach
Deployment Management

Planning and executing major system deployments

Complex system deployments with stringent timeframes, service levels, and interface breadth require robust orchestration and incident management across a range of stakeholders.

CMMC Approach
Policies & Procedures

Improving efficiency and effectiveness

Policies and Procedures are the way organizations codify what they want done and how they want that accomplished. Effective Policies and Procedures are crafted to the specific composition and functions of the organization.

CMMC Approach
System Blueprinting

How people, data, processes, and automation interact

System Blueprinting is important for platform migrations, conversions, and transitions in helping manage all aspects of the system to avoid impacts.

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