Branch Automation

TD Banknorth


TD Banknorth had struggled to implement a branch automation system that would help streamline their ability to service customers and help increase product sales. The impetus for this project began in the early 1990’s going through a number of false starts, vendor changes, and management changes. The latest iteration was again facing delays and subsystem failures.

Value Delivered

NCG stepped in to take control of the project. NCG pulled together the disparate technology and business components of the project and recast the plan based on the reality of the current situation.

Disciplined processes were implemented to control development efforts and coordinate integration activities.

Cross-disciplined working groups were constituted to take ownership of key areas and functions. A tiered readiness process was implemented as part of an overall risk management process. This infrastructure supported governance functions, as well as fostering communication and collaboration.

NCG reviewed and updated technical approaches and plans to ensure synchronization between systems, subsystems, and interfaces. NCG ensured coordination with the Bank’s WebMethods SOA implementation and the various internal and external interfacing systems.


TD Banknorth has fully implemented its branch automation system across its footprint. The system is providing desired efficiency and effectiveness gains. This implementation was completed as planned and under budget.

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