Management Process

TD Banknorth


TD Banknorth utilizes a large pool of staff augmentation contractors as part of its internal technology group, but had no process in place for knowledge capture or management. As contractors rolled off projects or left for other engagements all their experience and knowledge left with them.

Value Delivered

NCG instituted a contractor management process that included a knowledge transfer process, framework and infrastructure. NCG then formalized the memorialization process of contractor work products and information. Formal cross-training and information exchanges with Bank personnel were instituted.


NCG delivered TD Banknorth a Knowledge Management framework and implemented the collection of artifacts and information transfer sessions. With the conclusion of their most recent acquisition of Interchange Bank, TD Banknorth had dozens of contractors leave after years of service. The closeout and knowledge management processes implemented by NCG helped ensure that Bank retained as much of that intellectual capital as possible. It also provides a framework that can grow with the Bank over time.

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