Cayuga Medical Center


At Cayuga Medical Center, patient access and registration had been a growing area of concern. With Denials in billing on the rise, Cayuga decided to implement and evaluate changes in their registration department. Passport (an eligibility checking system) was chosen as the patient insurance eligibility checker.

Cayuga Medical Center wanted to ensure that careful attention was paid to the patient experience—using patient satisfaction surveys as a measure. Interactions with hospital staff, especially registration, are primary drivers of a patient’s experience. That experience impacts patient satisfaction and even the hospital's revenue cycle.

Value Delivered

NCG opened and structured communications with the various departments on registration uniformity. Since Cayuga has a decentralized registration process, performance and process standardization was a core foundation for implementing the new system.

Management training was implemented to help managers facilitate new goals for their teams and set new accountability standards. Training manuals, policies and procedures were written and presented to staff. Staffing ratios and models were validated and adjusted as necessary. Quality assurance measures were designed and implemented. Recurrent and new employee training was updated to reflect the new system, policies and procedures.

ID verification processes and procedures were updated for the security and safety of the patients. An article was written in the Ithaca Journal as well as Cortland Times for recognition of this new process. Passport Eligibility was installed and the training was done with the help and coordination of Cayuga Medical’s IS support.


Staffing level adjustments and streamlined processes resulted in increased patient satisfaction as measured by patient satisfaction surveys. At the same time, a decrease in insurance billing denials was realized.

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