Volk Packaging


Volk Packaging sought to ensure their ability to service customers after a catastrophic event. Beyond the recovery of computer systems and access to data, Volk wanted a detailed plan that provided for the complete resumption of critical business processes across the organization.

Value Delivered

NCG worked with Volk to map out all aspects of their critical business processes and infrastructure. A Business Continuity Plan that accounted for resources needed to restore critical functions, the duration and order of restoration, specific action by specific parties, and where these actions would be executed was developed.

Communication, collaboration, and coordination infrastructures were designed to assign responsibilities to key people. A process for decision making as well as command and control were also developed to account for unforeseen variables. These infrastructures promoted flexibility and a way systematically manage events.

Coordination and agreements were facilitated with friendly competitors to provide contingency options and infrastructure proactively.


Volk Packaging has a detailed plan in place to recover quickly from catastrophic events. Processes and procedures are in place to guide activities and communication both internally and externally. Steps are in place to ensure the plan is kept current and relevant—and always ready to be implemented if needed.

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