NCG is working with Northern Michigan University’s (NMU) Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute to develop cybersecurity, computer science and risk management capabilities in the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. NCG is bringing its business centric approach to security and technology that scales and adjusts to meet the needs of each unique company—based on its industry, size, and complexity.

NCG is working with the Cybersecurity Institute faculty and staff, and focusing NCG internship opportunities on risk management and a systems approach to securing data and operations for today and tomorrow.

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Crisp Point Lighthouse

Crisp Point Lighthouse Newberry, Michigan

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NCG Internship opportunities with hands-on client experience working with cyber experts from across the nation.

NCG Cybersecurity Internship Program Overview

Foundational training in NCG’s business centric approach to security, supported with micro and distance learning frameworks.

Working on real client engagements hands-on with NCG cyber experts.

Opportunity to leverage and work on NCG’s new IBM Watson driven service quality control framework.

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Internship Focus Areas

NMU Cybersecurity Interns will be focusing on one or more of the following NCG practice areas:

Cybersecurity Essentials

Learn about the essential cybersecurity practices and processes needed in every business, and how to implement them in a sustainable way that makes business sense for the organization.

Cyber Risk Assessments

Learn to conduct cyber risk assessments to give businesses insight to their strengths and weaknesses, and how to provide best value recommendations to improve overall security posture.

Cyber Risk Management Programs

Learn to build and facilitate effective risk management programs tailored to an organization.

System Hardening

Learn how to lock down systems to mitigate against both internal and external threats.

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