Working with industries that are highly regulated and have critical service and security requirements for their customers.

Financial Services

NCG has extensive experience in a range of core financial systems and payment processing. Our team has operational, accounting, and investigation expertise that we bring to support banking programs, mergers and acquisitions, integration efforts, risk management, and cybersecurity. NCG is a contributing member of the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) and participates in the Linux Foundation Hyper Ledger initiative.


NCG works with the healthcare industry supporting cybersecurity, HIPAA Meaningful Use compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and the full revenue cycle. Our team has significant experience with CMS regulations and third-party payer processes.

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NCG works with the energy sector leveraging our expertise in business, SCADA, and other control systems. With experience in system safety engineering and analytics, we support cybersecurity, integration, and data analytics.

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NCG works with manufacturers integrating new data processing and enterprise systems that interface with plant and controls systems. We provide cybersecurity, integration, and analytics support.

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With experience in aviation and intermodal surface transportation, NCG brings its cybersecurity, integration, and analytics skills to operators, carriers, and agencies.

Commercial Sector Agriculture


With experience in food safety, NCG brings its cybersecurity, integration, and analytics skills to producers, processors and distributors.

Information Technology

With network, data center, and system expertise, NCG provides a full range of development, operational, and hardening services in the IT industry.

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