The Orchestration's Cybersecurity allows businesses to engage and connect different user groups both inside and outside an organization and equip them with data and workflows for company objectives. This web and mobile-based tool helps organizations deliver on key business actions. NCG developed the Orchestration's Cybersecurity after decades of experience and has implemented it successfully in both private and public enterprise.

The Orchestration's Cybersecurity brings people, processes, infrastructure, and data together for a specific purpose. The tool incorporates intuitive and secure interfaces that facilitate communication across different user groups such as accountable parties, executives, workforce members, and key third parties. The Orchestration's Cybersecurity is available independently or in conjunction with the other professional services NCG offers.

Orchestration Smart Security

A Human Interface to Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

Addressing security across the enterprise requires spanning many different functional areas with a range of technical and procedural details. The breadth and depth of this challenge can be daunting in knowing where to start, how to proceed, and what to do over time. The Orchestration's Cybersecurity uses technology called Smart Security that helps puts a human interface on the security challenge by helping you through the process. Orchestration Smart Security will ping the appropriate person in the organization so they can take action. Orchestration Smart Security also lets your own management set parameters to ping personnel to ensure they are focused and doing the things that need to get done.

Orchestration Security Portal

The Orchestration Security Portal Delivers

The Orchestration Security Portal facilitates and enables a proactive enterprise security framework. With a combination of process facilitation, technology tools, governance functionality, and closed loop measurement of effectiveness, the Security Portal helps organizations understand their complete security posture on a real-time basis. The Portal provides the capabilities to engage and mobilize the organization and third parties when needed. The Portal not only brings together data and information but connects processes, requirements and people to streamline efforts and increase effectiveness. The Security Portal connects people, data, processes, and technology in complex and highly regulated environments that are often separated by physical and/or logical divides. Being able to bridge these divisions and the different business functions is key for readiness and the ability to respond and recover.

Program Development and Operations

Program Development and Operations

As organizational and industry needs change, the Orchestration's Cybersecurity also evolves to accommodate company objectives.

The Orchestration's Cybersecurity emphasizes four key areas:

Strategy and Direction
The interface allows businesses to plan objectives and coordinate action with other enterprise processes.

Action and Implementation
The interface also helps businesses establish roles and responsibilities as well as take proactive steps toward their goals.

Day-To-Day Operations
The Orchestration's Cybersecurity coordinates day-to-day actions and integrates key tasks across the enterprise.

Oversight and Assessment
The portal allows businesses to actively monitor, evaluate, and even correct actions to ensure success.

Organization Workflow

Knowing When You Have a Problem

Organizations struggle to understand their current security posture and measure how effective steps are to improve their capabilities to address threats. Most organizations would not even know when they are under attack until after the effects are being noticed by their employees and customers. Even with sophisticated systems for monitoring and detection, organizations struggle to understand the data provided. We interpret this data and help organizations stay proactive and prevent security issues from happening.

Do you have the Ability to Respond and Recover?

Hardly a day goes by without word of another cybersecurity incident. Dealing with a cyber event is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. In the midst of an event is not the time to be working on a response and continuity of operations plans or figuring out how to communicate and coordinate with internal and external parties. Most organizations do not have comprehensive capabilities to respond and recover gracefully from a cyber event- leaving their viability at risk.

Are you in Compliance with Industry Standards?

Critical infrastructure industries operate under a myriad of regulations, guidance and industry standards. These are in place due to the very nature of the role these industries play in our nation’s safety, security, and economy. This overhead to regular operations must be managed effectively and efficiently so that it does not compromise the day-to-day business or neglect requirements.

How to Meet These Challenges

Critical infrastructure industries need a place to start, definition of what to do, and ways to keep it going that are specific to their complex high-risk operating environments. Leveraging of best practices is essential, while acknowledging that cookie-cutter solutions will quickly fall to the wayside.

Security is personal to an organization; owning it needs to belong with the organization and be part of its corporate culture. No matter how sophisticated or nascent an organization's security posture, it needs the following capabilities and the agility to evolve over time.

  • Know
  • Prevent
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover
  • Comply

Account for Key Partners and Business Associates

Be Industry and Organization Specific

Support Core Business Functions

Oversight and Governance for Security Needs

What Makes This Security Portal Different?

There are many different security systems and tools on the market, but there is nothing that brings them all together for an organization and helps the organization’s people use that data and information. The adage of a chain only being as strong as its weakest link applies to enterprise cybersecurity. The most robust system and technology will be rendered useless if a threat finds a way to exploit a weak link elsewhere in the enterprise. The security portal leverages the Orchestration framework developed by NCG to bring people, data, and technology together and facilitates efforts to meet objectives.

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