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Get your entire team to be more productive with Drupal. Build a consistent knowledge base across all of your resources with onsite training for your developers, designers, architects, and managers.

NCG training gets your team ready to conquer the basics and get a head-start on the proper avenues for success. Our trainers are industry practitioners—proven in Drupal development and project delivery.

We can cater to groups of up to 20 people, and offer expert training on several topics.

Director of Application Development

Chris Porter netw3rker

Drupal Development Training is provided by our Director of Application Development, Chris Porter. He has performed many training events at Drupal Conventions around the world and has developed and managed content management systems for a variety of clients.

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Team Training Courses

Drupal Bootcamp

4 Days

Pre-Training Preparation
  • Introductions and Assessments
  • Goal Setting
Training Cost


Saving Travel Costs & Catalyzing Development Teams

After the initial Pre-Training Preparation, a Northcross Consultant conducts an event at your location tailored to your team's needs. This Tailored Curriculum will address topics with your team while keeping your business goals in sight. Your team will be educated in creating dynamic systems securely, accurately, and within project deadlines. Each training day includes seven hours of instruction. After the training is complete, clients can opt to schedule additional working sessions on upcoming project goals.

Tailored Curriculum

4-Day Sessions

This curriculum accommodates unique goals for individual teams.

Teacher teaching Computer Skills
Day 1

The Basics

  • Background
  • Installation
  • Components
  • Basic settings
  • Modules
  • Content creation
  • Menu organization
  • Content types
  • File uploading & security
  • User roles and permission
  • Content creation
  • Menu organization
  • Content types
  • File uploading & security
  • User roles and permission
Day 2

Views Introduction

  • Front-page display
  • Content listing
  • User listing
  • Block displays
  • Drupal blocks
Day 3

Advanced Views

  • Context filters
  • Relationships
  • Slideshows
  • Panels
Day 4

Panels, Rules, & Code

  • Panels Continued
  • Rules
  • Exportable
  • Code Management
  • Drush

Drupal Introduction

1-5 Days

Pre-Training Preparation
  • No Background Experience Required
Training Cost

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Build feature-rich stand-alone sites with an overview of Drupal Content Management System.

Beginner Basics

1-5 Day Sessions

Learn about the installation process and build a drupal project locally. Our Drupal Consultant will guide you through the basics of understanding the code architecture, how to configure modules, and maintain the site securely.

Teacher teaching Computer Skills
  • Install a Web Server, PHP, and Drupal Core
  • Configure Site Functionality
  • Code Architecture, Organization, & Maintenance
  • Introduction to Core Modules
  • Contributed Modules: Selection, Installation, & Utilization

Drupal Development

3+ Days

Pre-Training Preparation
  • Basic Drupal Skills Required
  • Functional Drupal Project
Training Cost

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Develop best practices when working with Drupal. Trace Bugs, Fix Modules, & Implement Functionality.

Intermediate Tools

3+ Day Sessions

Get an overview of several powerful modules that manipulate how content is displayed and who can access it. Learn advanced topics such as applying patches and maintaining a professional workflow.

Teacher teaching Computer Skills
  • Core API: Module Creation and Hooks
  • Views and Rules API
  • Code Organization and Repository Workflow
  • Drush Builds via Make Files
  • Patch Applications and Updates

Configuration Management

2-3 Days

Pre-Training Preparation
  • Intermediate Drupal Skills Required
  • Functional Drupal Project
Training Cost

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Properly export and manage configuration on a Drupal 7 or 8 site. Manage, Promote & Deploy Code to a Multi-Tier Environment.

Advanced Development

2-3 Day Sessions

Learn about multi-tier environments and how to manage their codebase. Our consultant will guide your team through the component architecture, how to create and manage your feature modules, and proper Git branching workflow.

Teacher teaching Computer Skills
  • Features: Drupal 7 / CMI Overlap with Features Drupal 8
  • Work on New or Existing Projects
  • Component Architecture
  • Create & Manage Feature Modules
  • Git Branching per Feature (BPF) Workflow

Continuous Integration, Automated Build and Deployment

2+ Days

Pre-Training Preparation
  • Intermediate Drupal Skills Required
  • Multi-tier Drupal Project
Training Cost

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Discuss strategies and tools for doing Continuous Integration (CI) builds via GIT, Jenkins, and Ansible (or other build property management tools). Teams will have knowledge of Proper CI Builds and important skills for team projects.

Automated Deployment

2+ Day Sessions

Get a strategic walk-through of today's most-used automated tools for easy code deployment and migration. Bug detection and prevention is vital to maintaining code quality. Our Drupal Consultant will educate your team about Continuous Integration for creating strong and secure systems.

Teacher teaching Computer Skills
  • Deploy Builds Continuously
  • Utilizing CI for Code Quality & Bug Prevention
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