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We provide multiple on-site options for teams such as Architecture Planning and Review, Security and Performance Auditing, and Development and Staff Augmentation which can be provided for various lengths of engagement time depending on your need. Our senior Drupal Architects have extensive experience working with enterprise level Drupal sites and large teams. These team members know how to properly plan, build, and deploy sites to get billions of page views a month with millions of unique users.

Architecture Planning & Review


Project Requirements

Keeping your business goals in mind.

  • Recommended Process Requirements & Tools
Computer coding

Our team will work with yours to help establish proper guidelines for building a site, and review existing requirements.

  • 3rd Party Integrations & Accessibility Requirements
  • Development/Architecture Roadmap
    (Outline Content and Needed Modules)

Security and Code Audit


Site / Application

Code review to keep your site secure.

  • Review of Code & Outline of Vulnerabilities
Computer coding

This engagement consists of an intense code review of the site or application in question. We will test and scan your system for vulnerabilities and check it for compliance with community standards.

  • Compliance with Community Standards
  • Version Status of the Core & Contributed Code
  • Status of "Hacked" Code

Performance Audit


Site / Application

Test code for quality performance.

  • Report of code review with advisements for better site per
Computer coding

Make Recommendations to achieve the desired performance. Additional load test with a comparative report of pre and post recommendation work.

Engagement has 2 Options:

  1. Review, Advise & Fix Performance Concerns
  2. Review Overall Performance

Development & Staff Augmentation


Need for Developers

Extra help to meet your business goals.

  • Assistance with development efforts.
Computer coding

If your team needs additional developer for a project, we have an easily mobilized, professional team that can be on-site to help fill in development staff gaps. Our team will also help structure a plan to reach the site’s launch.

Our team specializes in all tiers of development work and can provide senior level development support in every avenue from theming to database design and code architecture. Our senior developers and architects can help with large scale implementations, caching and CDN strategies and sites that require multi region fault tolerance.

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